The Route

The Route

About the route

The sportive route is 100 miles in length from the official Start Line in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to the Finish Line on The Mall. At Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park there are two start chutes.

These start chutes are released with alternate waves of riders separated by several minutes. The route then follows one side of the A12.

Please note that the A12 northbound remains open to traffic and cycling is forbidden. There are two long tunnels early on the route so please take extra care at these locations.

Vehicles on the route

Although the route will be closed to regular traffic, there is still a chance you may encounter vehicles on the route during your ride. These vehicles are likely to either be emergency services vehicles, safety motorbikes, mechanics or other official event vehicles.

Emergency vehicles will always have priority over the event and you should always be alert. If you hear a marshal blowing a whistle, be prepared to stop and follow the instructions of the marshal carefully. If this happens, there may be an incident ahead or an emergency services vehicle that needs to cross or use the route.


Hubs and Drinks Stations

The Hubs and Drinks Stations (with toilet facilities) are located on the route as follows:

Mile Location Drinks Station Hub Toilets
17 Chiswick Bridge  
21 Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park  
26 Hampton Court Green  
38 Pyrford Village Hall  
48 Newlands Corner  
62 Westcott Village Green  
68 Box Hill summit
(including Box Hill Neighbourhood Community food stalls)
75 Leatherhead  

81 Esher  
86 Kingston  
91 Wimbledon Common  

The four Hubs will be key welfare points for participants and will offer food, drinks, toilets, medical facilities and basic mechanical assistance. For any mechanical services, the labour is free but you will be required to pay for any parts you need.

You must remember to bring drinks bottles with you on your bicycle as no cups will be provided at these locations. You will be able to refill your bottles with water from large water bowsers – this will help us reduce litter.

There will be a small selection of additional food items at each of the Hubs. However, if you require anything specific, please bring it with you. If you choose to support a local business or pub along the route by stopping for refreshments this is very much encouraged – and recommended! – but keep the cut-off times in mind so you don’t get pulled out of the event.


In addition to the toilets at the Start, there are facilities at each Hub, Drinks Station and at regular intervals along the route for your use. After the Start, the first toilets will be on The Highway between the Limehouse Link Tunnel and the Tower of London, just seven miles along the route. Toilets are provided, so please use them. Remember – urinating in public or on private property is illegal.

Distance markers

Every 10 miles there will be a distance marker indicating the distance you have travelled at that point. This will be complemented by 95-mile and 99-mile markers to help you to get through the final few miles.

Bypass Routes

There are four Bypass Routes to avoid certain hilly sections of the route if you are feeling unable to tackle these challenges on the day. The table below provides timings of when these bypasses are optional from and when they become mandatory.

Mile Bypass name Optional from Mandatory from Ride distance reduced to


Kingston Bypass



38 miles


Hampton Court Bypass



46 miles


Leith Hill Bypass



92 miles


Box Hill Bypass



94 miles

Please note: if you take both Leith Hill and Box Hill Bypass Routes your ride distance will be reduced to 86 miles.

Cut-off Points

Although we would like as many participants as possible to be able to get back to The Mall under their own steam, we have to reopen the roads to traffic at specific times. Therefore, cut-off points will be in operation at the following locations and at the following times. If you do not reach each of the cut-off points before the times stated, you will be withdrawn from the event. 

  • Mile 26 – Hampton Court Hub – 10:45 (mandatory diversion onto the 46-mile route)
  • Mile 48 – Newlands Corner Hub – 12:45
  • Mile 64 – Dorking Train Station – 14:10
  • Mile 75 – Leatherhead Hub – 15:15
  • Mile 81 – Esher – 16:00
  • Mile 91 – Wimbledon Common – 16:50

All riders are required to have completed the sportive by 17:25. This gives all riders a minimum of eight and a half hours to complete the 100 miles. 

The Sweep Teams will transport any participants who withdraw from the event back to The Mall, or the nearest railway station, with their bicycle.

You should consider taking public transport back to central London as this is likely to be the quickest way back. Event riders on the route after the stated timings will not be allowed to proceed and will be withdrawn from the event. 

Dropping out

The Sweep Teams are in place to collect any riders who cannot continue due to either fatigue, mechanical failure, or who fall behind the eight-and-a-half-hour time limit.

Vehicles will be travelling the route to collect participants where required and will operate more regularly at the tail end of the event.

To ensure that the route is clear prior to the arrival of the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey Classic, a final vehicle (marked ‘End of Ride’) will be present at the tail end of the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100.

IMPORTANT: if you withdraw from the event it is vital that you give your name and rider number to a steward or marshal so that you can be accounted for.

Silverline Sweep Stops

There will be 25 Silverline Sweep Stops along the route and if you need assistance we recommend you wait at one of these and wait there.

Ride Day Safety

At all times during the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 sportive you must follow all instructions given by the event officials.

Remember: it’s not a race!

Please follow these simple steps to help ensure the safety of all those participating, watching and going about their everyday business. Remain alert, remain in control of your bicycle and enjoy the ride.

Slow and stop

You will have the privilege of riding on closed roads throughout the entire route of the sportive, but we ask that you respect and follow some important ‘rules of the road’ during the event:

  • Emergency vehicles take priority in order to attend incidents across the entire event footprint. Expect emergency vehicles on the route at any point, either crossing or driving along the route in both directions.
  • Remain alert at all times and pull over to the side of the road to allow emergency vehicles to pass safely when required.

Pedestrian crossings

The event passes through many busy towns and villages. Seen from the side of the road this means, in some cases, a continual stream of cyclists for several hours.

At certain times during the sportive, it will be necessary to allow pedestrian movement, so that pedestrians in the communities that the ride passes through can cross the route. Critical vehicles may also need to cross the event route. Expect to slow and stop in these busy areas.

  • Obey the ground stewards and motorcycle marshals so that pedestrians and emergency vehicles can cross the route safely.
  • Slowing down and creating gaps in the flow of cyclists allows pedestrians to cross the route safely.
  • Along some parts of the sportive route, there is no pavement or pedestrian footway. When riding through sections of the route where footways do not exist, expect to encounter pedestrians and spectators who may be moving along the side of the route.

Event officials

At all times during the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 sportive you must follow all instructions given by the event officials.

Rider Safety Captains

Prudential RideLondon is working with Continental Tyres for a safe ride and our simple motto for everyone to remember is: Look, Think, Communicate.

Each wave of sportive riders will be accompanied by two Continental Tyres Rider Safety Captains from the Start Line all the way to the Finish Line to help keep you safe at all times. It is vital that you listen to and follow instructions.

Look out for our rider safety messages as Ride Day approaches and obey the instructions of the Continental Tyres Rider Safety Captains during the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100.

Riding in and around other cyclists requires care and attention. To make sure you don’t cause a crash, consider the following when riding:

  • Don’t do anything that the person riding behind you would not expect – for example stopping suddenly, braking sharply unless absolutely necessary, or swerving to avoid something at short notice.
  • Be constantly aware of what is coming up ahead of you and adjust your position in the road in advance.
  • Hold your position in the road when cornering and don’t cut from one side to the other unexpectedly.

Be aware of other cyclists around you and how close they may be to you. Their safety is often in your hands and they will trust you to ride sensibly and safely.

Hazards on the route

As a participant in the sportive, there are hazards you need to be aware of while riding. If you remain alert, your ride will be safer for you and those around you. You should always expect the unexpected as you don’t necessarily know what is around each corner.

Think about what might lie ahead of you. Is there a traffic island, a fast descent, a narrow section or sharp corner? Maybe there has just been a crash or perhaps there is a speed bump?

To help make you aware of any potential obstacles on the route, we will provide warning signage where appropriate on fast descents or sharp corners.

Please be aware of your speed at all times and ride safely with care for others.

Love Where You Ride

It’s a privilege to be able to cycle through the beautiful countryside, so please do everything you can to keep it free from litter and dispose of your rubbish responsibly.

There will be plenty of litter disposal areas throughout the route and at all Hubs, Drinks Stations and most toilet locations.

Any litter you collect throughout the ride should be kept in your pockets and disposed of in bins along the route. Under no circumstances discard your litter or inner tubes at the side of the road.