Before Leaving Home

Before Leaving Home

Your Rider Number was emailed to after you completed the pre-registration process. Please use your Rider Number to check your Start Area colour, the wave you are participating in, the wave loading times and your wave start time.

You will need to consider this information when planning your journey to the Start Line in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the morning of the sportive. If you did not receive this email or are unsure of any of the above details, please call our Customer Services team on 020 7902 0212.

Please use this start information to work backwards to calculate the time you need to leave your home or accommodation and, if you’re driving, the time you need to be parking or being dropped off.

The Start of the event covers a vast area and it will take time to get around, so please arrive in plenty of time.

Before you leave for the Start, make sure you have the following items with you:

  • Rider card. Detach this card from your rider numbers and bring it along as a handy guide to your start time
  • Seatpost number, handlebar number, frame sticker, body number (all mandatory) and helmet sticker attached to your bike, jersey and helmet
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather
  • Full water bottles and food (gels, bars etc)
  • Mobile phone
  • Spare inner tubes/pump/tyre levers/repair kit/tools
  • Helmet (mandatory)
  • Money – in case you need to pay our mechanics for spare parts, want to buy refreshments along the route, or for some reason need to take the train home
  • Sun cream – if it’s sunny!
  • Bike lights – if you leave before sunrise (05:28)
  • Booking confirmation emails if you have pre-booked any transport or parking
  • Cycling shoes (if arriving by car/ dropped off)
  • Map to help you find your way back to your car/accommodation after the event. Visit to plan your journey
  • And event kitbag, if required …oh, and don’t forget your bike!

Every single rider will be accurately timed by means of an ID tag, which is part of your seatpost number. The seatpost number must be attached to your seatpost.

When you cross the official Start Line of the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 46, you will pass a timing point that will register your time as you pass it.

There is another timing point at the Finish Line on The Mall. The ID tag is disposable and does NOT need to be returned once you cross the Finish Line. Official times will be based on the elapsed time taken by each rider between the Start Line and the Finish Line.

It is your responsibility to attach your body number to the back of your jersey/jacket, your frame sticker to your frame, your handlebar number to your handlebars and your seatpost number to your seatpost in order to get an official finishing time.

Your body number, frame sticker, handlebar number and seatpost number will be issued to you at Registration.

Attaching your Handlebar Number
Prudential RideLondon handlebar number

Please separate the handlebar number from the body number along the perforations.

Use the two cable ties (enclosed in your Rider Pack) to attach the handlebar number to the centre of the handlebar.

Make sure that the whole number is visible, otherwise we can’t guarantee to link the official photographs with you.

Download the App

You, and your friends and family, may like to download the official Prudential RideLondon App. The App shows points of interest along the route, such as spectator Festival Zones, First Aid Points and Drinks Stations.

It also helps users find and track cyclists as they pedal their way along. It includes an interactive route map allowing people to keep up with your split times and your location throughout the day, as well as search for riders’ finishing times once it’s all over.

Check the Prudential RideLondon website and social media channels for more info on the official App the week before the event.