The Finish Area

The Finish Area

The Royal Parks has allowed us to use The Mall, Constitution Hill and Green Park as the Finish Area for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 46. We are grateful to The Royal Parks for its assistance and would ask that you show your appreciation by treating the area with the respect it deserves and not littering the Park and surrounding areas. Do not lean bicycles against fences or trees – please use the Bike Park instead.

The Finish Line

The Finish Line is located on The Mall. As you cross the Finish Line, please keep moving and follow instructions from the marshals. If you become distressed or feel ill in any way, our medical staff will be on hand to care for you.

The Post-Finish Area

The Finish Area is a secure area with no public access. Once across the Finish Line you will be guided through the ‘finish system’ where you will be asked to dismount. You will be given your Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 46 finisher’s medal, a food item and water is available. Don’t forget, you can collect your free water bottle at the Prudential RideLondon Cycling Show before Ride Day.


You should aim to retrieve your belongings from the baggage lorries as quickly as possible – these will be positioned on Constitution Hill. Follow the signs and collect your baggage from the lorry with the relevant colour and rider number range displayed on it. Once you have collected your kitbag, please move away from the baggage area to give other cyclists space to collect their kitbags.

Bike Park

There will be a free secure Bike Park for those of you who wish to relax in the Festival Zone in Green Park. The Bike Park will be clearly signposted and marshals will be on hand to direct you while securely tagging your bike.

Near the Bike Park we will also be providing toilets and changing facilities (still within the secure area). Please refer to the Finish Area map above for details. Please leave the secure Finish Area via the designated exit points.

Bicycle Security

With thousands of bikes in the Finish Area during the Prudential RideLondon weekend, there is an increased risk of theft. Please be vigilant and do make use of our secure Bike Park instead of locking your bike in a public area.

Meet & Greet Area

The meet and greet area can be very busy, so please take note of the following advice. There will be meeting points in the Broad Walk area of Green Park.

The trees in this area of the park will be marked with letters of the alphabet so you can arrange to meet at your family initial or at another prearranged letter.

Please ask your friends and relatives to meet you at one of these meeting points and ask them NOT to congregate around the exits from the secure area. This can cause massive congestion for exiting cyclists as well as other health and safety issues for the large numbers of people in this area.

Our security personnel are under instructions not to allow people to congregate here and to move them along. Please make your arrangements to meet friends and relatives carefully – a little forward planning will prove extremely worthwhile.

We strongly suggest that you have a contact telephone number to relay messages to a third party who will be at home and will be able to take calls and pass messages between you, should your plans go awry.

Please ask any friends or relatives to print the map of the Finish Area above and bring it with them. In the unlikely event of the Finish Area becoming unavailable as a result of a serious incident on Ride Day, or the sportive being stopped for some other reason, you are advised to agree an alternative meeting place (this should not be within two miles of the Finish Area) with friends and relatives.

This will ensure you have a predetermined place to meet that will be more accessible. Heavy mobile phone traffic on all networks means you may find it difficult to receive or make a phone call in and around the Finish Area. Therefore do not rely on mobile phones as your only means of communication.

Remember that you are likely to feel tired and weary, as well as proud of your achievement, and meeting with your friends and relatives after the sportive will be difficult among thousands of other cyclists and their supporters if you haven’t made simple, but specific, arrangements.

After crossing the Finish Line, it will take a minimum of 15 minutes and closer to 30 to 40 minutes to reach the meet and greet area. Remember to build these factors into your arrangements for meeting friends and relatives. There will also be a medical station, information point and toilets in Green Park near the Finish Area.

Festival Zone

Why not relax in the Green Park Festival Zone after you’ve completed your 100-mile challenge? Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Park, take the opportunity to watch the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey Classic on the big screen and enjoy refuelling at the Festival Zone food court.

Other points to remember...

Make sure you let your friends and relatives know your rider number. It is the easiest way to identify you on our database.

There will be a PA system in operation throughout the day at the Finish Area; this is only for official commentary and emergency announcements, NOT for cyclists seeking lost friends or family.

Take care

After the event you are likely to be extremely tired. Make sure you eat, drink and are well rested and prepared to ride in live traffic on the public highway if you are planning to cycle somewhere after you leave the Finish Area.

Plan ahead

Arranging to meet your friends and relatives ‘at the finish’ is simply not adequate and will only lead to distress and frustration on both sides. Following the instructions above will help you to avoid this situation.