The Start Areas

The Start Areas

Arrival Points

You have been allocated a place in one of the Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange or Black Starts. The map above shows the location of the entry points to each of these areas and also four arrival points (arrows A to D).

Please make your way to the arrival point nearest to your Start Area entry point, where signposts will direct you to your allocated Start Area. Due to the complexity of more than 30,000 riders departing Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in a four-hour period, you cannot change your start colour or start time.

If you wish to meet another participant who is starting at a different time, you will be able to meet them on, or beyond, The Highway by pulling to one side of the road in a safe place and waiting.

Each wave loading area will be monitored by stewards on the day to manage capacity. You will not be able to join a different wave colour or start earlier than your allocated wave.

Kitbags & Baggage Lorries

The baggage lorries are labelled with a Start Area colour and wave letter. Please hand in your kitbag at the baggage lorry that displays the colour and wave letter corresponding to your rider number. You can find this information in the timetable.

Staff on the baggage lorries will only accept the official Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 46 kitbag, which will be handed to you at Registration.

Ensure you have stuck your self-adhesive number label to the kitbag where indicated, and that you have drawn and tied the drawstring cord to prevent any items falling out. Once you have deposited your kitbag on the baggage lorry, you will not be able to retrieve it until you arrive at the Finish Area on The Mall.

Therefore, please ensure that you have all you require for the sportive before leaving your kitbag on the baggage lorry. You should then move towards your wave loading zone.

Wave Loading Zones

The Start of the event covers a vast area within Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It will take you at least 30 minutes to use the facilities and get ready for your specific wave loading time. Please take special note of your wave loading opening and closing times and allow yourself plenty of time to get there.

Please be aware that if you arrive late, a marshal will be able to direct you into a later wave of the same start colour. You cannot start earlier than your allocated wave.

Volunteers and signage will help you to find your way around the Start Area and to the appropriate wave loading zone when it’s time for your allocated wave. Your body number and handlebar number must be displayed clearly before entering your wave loading zone.

Refreshments & Facilities

Hot and cold drinks and a selection of food will be available to purchase at the Start. Toilets are provided and mechanics are also on hand to help you fix any last-minute issues with your bike. There will also be a Continental Air Station where you can pump up your tyres. For any mechanical services, the labour is free but you will be required to pay for any parts you need.