App FAQs

App FAQs

Introducing the new Prudential RideLondon app 

Riders in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 46 & 100 can track their time and position throughout the ride, and share the information with family and friends, by downloading our new app free of charge.

The Prudential RideLondon app, which is available to download now from the iOS and Android app stores, uses existing smart phone GPS technology to track riders who opt in.   

Using the GPS tracking function in the new app increases the accuracy of the rider’s position making it even easier for friends and family to support riders on the route and meet them afterwards.

Riders who want to utilise the GPS tracking feature need to log-in to the ‘My Ride’ section of the app with their surname and RegistrationID, which was sent in the Essential rider information email on Friday 21 July.

Participants can track their ride and share their GPS position along the route by pressing the ‘Start Tracking’ button in the app at the Start Line. Riders should remember to press ‘Stop Tracking’ after they cross the Finish Line.

The app automatically uploads GPS data to our secure servers, improving the accuracy of each rider’s position. The information is visible to friends, family and members of the public online via the website and the app.

If riders do not want their GPS position to be public, they can change their GPS settings in the app to private. Once set to private, riders can still share their GPS position with family and friends by sending them their unique tracking link. Press the ‘Share’ button in the ‘My Ride’ section to send a tracking link. Please note, this link will only work on the website.

The app isn’t just useful for friends and family. Riders can use it to locate Drinks Stations, Hubs, Festival Zones and more. So, whether you're a first-time rider or spectator, or a veteran of the sportive, the app will give you everything you need for the best possible experience on Ride Day.

The app can only work if the rider has enabled mobile data and has sufficient mobile network coverage. Riders should be aware that continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life. We recommend riders have a fully charged battery at the start of the ride.

Please note: You must download the 2017 edition of the Prudential RideLondon app to track riders. Previous versions of the app will not track this year's sportives.


How do I download the Prudential RideLondon app?   
The Prudential RideLondon app is available from the iOS and Android app stores. Select the app store on your phone and search for ‘Prudential RideLondon’ or click the links below:

How much does the Prudential RideLondon app cost?
The app is free.

Do my friends and family have to download the Prudential RideLondon app to track my progress?
No. Your friends and family don’t have to download the app, they can track your progress online at the website. However, if they want to use their phones to track you then they will have a better user experience by downloading the app.  

What information are people able to see?
When not using the app, or if your GPS setting is set to private, your position on the public tracking page is only predicted based on when you cross a timing point. When using the My Ride feature in the app, the GPS tracking means your location can be viewed more accurately.

Who can see my information?
Your information is available to anyone who uses the website or the app. However, if you do not want your GPS position to be publically viewable and you are using the ‘My Ride’ feature, set your GPS setting to private in the ‘Settings’ section of the app.

You can still share you GPS position with family and friends even with the GPS setting set to private by sharing your unique tracking link with them.

How do I find out my RegistrationID?
Your RegistrationID was sent in the Essential rider information email on Friday 21 July. You need it to activate the GPS function within the app. If you did not receive the email, you should contact the Prudential RideLondon helpdesk on 020 7902 0212 or The helpdesk is open Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00.

Please note: riders in the Peloton Relay will not receive a RegistrationID and if you are part of a tandem, only one rider will have received a RegistrationID. Please do not attempt to both use the ‘My Ride’ tracking feature.