Continental Tyres Sprints Competition

The Continental Tyres Sprints at the Prudential RideLondon Classique will provide a competition within the main race for the 120 pro women riders taking part in the event. The competition involves a series of sprints within the race. Points are awarded to the first five cyclists who make it over the sprint line each time they pass it. 

There will be three sprint classifications, at the end of laps three, six and nine. The winner will be decided by adding the points awarded on each of the three intermediate sprints during the race. Sprint laps will be indicated by the sounding of a klaxon.

Prize money is awarded to the first five cyclists who cross the sprint line each time.

Continental Tyres Sprints
Across the line Points awarded
1st 5
2nd 4
3rd 3
4th 2
5th 1

The Continental Tyres Sprint title will be awarded to the cyclist who has received the most points after all three sprints. The top five with the most points after all three sprints will receive prize money for their overall placing in addition to any prize money they have earned in each sprint.

2018 Results:

Dani Rowe was the sprints champion in 2018 with 13 points, whilst Amy Pieters took second with 12 points ahead of Leah Kirchmann in third with eight points.

In the event of a tie in a sprints competition within a single day race, the highest placed rider across the race finish line is awarded the higher position.

Position Name Team 1 2 3 Points
1 Dani Rowe WaowDeals Pro Cycling 4 5 4 13
2 Amy Pieters Boels Dolmans Cycling Team 5 2 5 12
3 Leah Kirchmann Team Sunweb 2 4 2 8
4 Chloe Hosking Ale Cipollini - 3 - 3
5 Chiara Consonni Valcar PBM - - 3 3
6 Lucy Garner Wiggle High5 3 - - 3
7 Silvia Persico Valcar PBM - 1 - 1
8 Lisa Klein Canyon//SRAM Racing 1 - - 1
9 Chantal Blaak Boels Dolmans Cycling Team - - 1 1