General Conditions of Entry

Brompton World Championship

In completing a 2019 Brompton World Championship online entry I agree that:

    1. To the extent permitted by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, neither London & Surrey Cycling Partnership LLP nor its sponsors or suppliers will be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury whatsoever directly or indirectly occasioned by or resulting from the negligence, wrongful act or default of London & Surrey Cycling Partnership LLP, its sponsors and suppliers or their respective servants or agents or from any other cause, including any act of God or the physical condition of the competitor.
    1. My personal information (including medical information entered on my rider number or collected by event medical staff during or after the Event) can be stored, used and disclosed by London & Surrey Cycling Partnership LLP in connection with the organisation and administration of the Event and for the compilation of statistical information. If I become ill during or after the Event and/or receive medical attention or treatment either from event medical staff, St John Ambulance or any doctor or hospital, I authorise such persons to provide my details (including details of medical treatment) to the Medical Director of London & Surrey Cycling Partnership or others authorised by her/him.
    2. I declare that I will abide by the Laws and Rules for competition of British Cycling, that I will be 18 years or over on Saturday 3 August 2019, that I will compete by human powered cycle. Please click here for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 general conditions of entry.
    3. Entries into the 2019 Brompton World Championship are personal to the applicant. They cannot be sold or transferred. Any transferred entry will be void.
    4. All participants, both male and female, must wear a suit jacket, collared shirt and neck tie. Shorts, three-quarter length trousers and skirts may be worn if preferred, though sports attire (e.g. Lycra shorts/leggings, tracksuit pants, etc.) is not permitted. There are no restrictions on shoe-wear.
    5. For health and safety reasons, it is an absolute condition of participation that a helmet is worn.
    6. You must be riding a Brompton Bicycle.
    7. By entering this even you are giving Brompton Bicycles the right to contact you.
    8. All the events will take place on a closed circuit course of 16km. The circuit will be marshalled and marked by fencing and tape.
    9. Will consist of eight laps of this course, a total distance of 16km; participants will be timed whilst completing this distance. The race begins with a Le Mans style start; all bikes must be folded on the start grid.
    10. Bicycles must be in a safe condition; organisers reserve the right to refuse participation, should a participant’s bike, in our sole judgement, be considered unsafe for competition. No motors (electric or otherwise) or triathlon handlebars may be attached to bikes. Children or pets may not be carried on bicycles during the Event.
    11. All participants will be entered in the individual category (A), within which there will be sub-classifications for male, female, veteran participants. Participants may also be entered in the team category. Teams will be constituted of a minimum of three participants and a maximum of five. To classify, at least three members of a team must finish the race; team classification will be determined by the aggregated times of every team’s top three finishers. Veterans category: participants to be 50 and over on the day of the event.
    12. All participants are to collect their electronic race chip and race numbers in person on the day of the event.
    13. The three fastest male and female finishers and the top placed male, female veterans and the best dressed male and female competitors will also receive awards.
      There will also be prizes awarded to the fastest male and the fastest female team, as well as the fastest male and female Veteran team.
      The top-placed male and female competitors will each receive a special edition Brompton Bicycle; details of the other prizes can be found on the website as and when they are confirmed
    14. All bikes must be fitted with a small timing chip supplied with the race numbers. Participants are asked to take care not to confuse the chip provided by the Event organisers with any chip they may own themselves, and to return the chips at the end of the Event; each unreturned chip will be charged at £72.
    15. Challenges to results - The organisers shall hear all challenges concerning any results of the Event immediately after the same have been announced. Such challenges will only be heard and adjudicated upon after the conclusion of the race, and all decisions will be final; on no account will the race be stopped to adjudicate on any protest.
    1. At all times during the Event you must adhere to all instructions given by the Event officials.
    2. Participation in the Event is personal to you; you are strictly prohibited from swapping, selling or transferring or offering to sell, swap or transfer the place in the Event or allowing any other person to wear the Event number. Any breach of this Condition shall render the entry void. If you are found to be in breach of this Condition we reserve the right to exclude you from participation in future Events.
    3. You warrant to us that you will be on the Event Date, sufficiently fit and healthy to participate in the Event unaided and in accordance with the Agreement. If you are in any doubt we recommend that you seek medical advice.
    1. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the Event or to ask you to cease participation if:
      1. you fail to follow instructions given by Event officials;
      2. you attempt to participate in the Event in a manner that we, acting reasonably, believe:
        1. may cause injury to you or another participant;
        2. may damage or harm the environment;
        3. in our opinion is likely to cause offence; or
        4. otherwise causes a risk or potential risk to health and safety including any failure, in whole or in part, to comply with the restrictions in Condition 2;
      3. in our opinion you are unfit to participate in the Event due to:
        1. the consumption or use of alcohol or drugs;
        2. an injury or illness; or
        3. you fail to arrive at the start location at the specified time
    1. You should inform us immediately in the manner we set out as being required if you need to withdraw for any reason. If you do so, your fee will not be refunded but, if this is not an entry that you have already held over, you will be permitted to have a guaranteed entry for the next year's Event subject to applying in the required manner and paying the new entry fee. If you have obtained a place from a charity then the place will revert to the charity.
    1. We may cancel the Event if circumstances beyond our reasonable control arise, including, without limitation, war, civil or political unrest, terrorism or inclement weather conditions.
    2. In such circumstances:
      1. we will, if practicable, provide written notice of cancellation to the address we hold for you. In the event that written notice is not practicable due to the timescales involved we will use reasonable endeavours to provide other suitable methods of notice including, e-mail, mobile phone, text message, television and radio broadcasts; and
      2. you will receive a refund of the Fee.
    3. In the event of cancellation of the Event we will have no responsibility for any costs incurred as a result of cancellation including any travel or accommodation costs.
    1. The Event may be televised, filmed and/or otherwise recorded and photographs may be taken all of which may capture your participation in the Event. You agree to the publication of such photographs, filming, recording and broadcasts and their use by us and those authorised by us in any way which we may see fit now or in the future including but not limited to film, broadcast, radio, TV, publications and publicity.
    2. Any audio, visual, or audio-visual recordings that you make of the Event or any part of it are for personal use only and cannot be used for any commercial purpose.
    1. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully to understand LSCP’s views and practices regarding your Personal Data and how it will treat it. By entering the ballot you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in the Privacy Policy.
    2. You agree that any audio, visual, or audio-visual recordings that you make of the Event or any part of it are for personal use only and cannot be used for any commercial purpose.