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Classique Finish Line quotes

Read a full race report of the 2017 Prudential RideLondon Classique here

First place: Coryn Rivera, Team Sunweb

"It was obviously a challenge today for everyone with the rain. The goal was pretty clear for the day – a good sprint – and the girls did really well and had a little practice with the intermediate sprints earlier. I got a good feel for how it was going to pan out.

“I wasn't really too phased. We saw the forecast yesterday so we knew what was coming. Everyone has to deal with it so there was nothing to be phased about. It's really cool to have a downtown race like this and it compares to American criterions. I love that environment and spirit and I love crowds so it was really fun today.

“This is definitely a highlight and most of it's the team, so it's not really me, it's definitely the team, so I'm really excited for all of us today.

“I was a little bit cautious, you can only go so fast in the rain but everyone's on the same page there, it just slows everyone down.

“I wish it wasn't unusual [for women to have the same prize money as men] I think it should be very usual. All the girls are racing 100 per cent out there and people really want to watch us race so I don't think there should be any difference. I really appreciate and respect the Prudential RideLondon Classique [for awarding the same prize money to the men and women].

“The team is everything to me; I wouldn't be here without them for sure. We wouldn't be here without each other. That's what makes us special and we came up with a really good plan at the start of the race and everyone executed and that what makes us different to everyone else. We get the job done.”

Second place: Lotta Lepisto, Cervelo Bigla Pro Cycling Team

"It was really good; it was super-fast. It was a really hard race, and it was raining.

“I think I had the perfect position but I think my final sprint wasn't good enough so Coryn got past me on the line.

“It was really nice to come back here as I liked it here last year and I like these kind of races. The crowds are great and I saw some Finnish people also so that made it better. This is the normal weather here so the crowds don't worry. It's something special to come here to England."

Third place: Lisa Brennauer, Canyon Sram Racing

“I’m just happy I didn’t crash because last year I crashed 400m from the finish. It was on my mind before today, so after crashing last year I am happy with third because the race was super-fast despite the rain.

“It was really hard racing and I tried to ride fast at the front and stay out of trouble. I felt quite safe in the pack, but everyone was paying attention today.

“I heard on the radio the line was splitting as we came to the finish so I decided to go for it.

“There were people all along the course to it was a great atmosphere.”

Continental Tyres Sprints prize: Leah Kirchmann, Team Sunweb

“I felt great today. I like this type of racing when it’s really technical and I don’t mind the racing in the rain. We embraced the rain and still raced super well.

“We are so proud of our team performance today. We decided early on we wanted to go for the sprints to practice for the lead-out and I ended up with enough points to win it. It was a great demonstration of team racing.”