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Prudential RideLondon Classique: post-race quotes

Lorena Wiebes (Parkhotel Valkenburg), winner of the Prudential RideLondon Classique

On the win: "It was a fast race and I liked it because the team had a great race. It was a hectic final for me and I didn't have a very good position in the last 5km so I had to go to the front and start my sprint really early. It was a surprise win at the end.  I hope we celebrate with a good dinner!

"Kirsten came over in the last 50m but she was disqualified so it was really surprising. It's just crazy."

On racing in London: "It was the first time racing in London for me. It was really nice, [there were] a lot of people and it was a really nice race to ride."

On the course: "I liked that the speed was high. It was a team race and we do it a lot in the Netherlands. It suits me, this race."

Elisa Balsamo (Valcar Cylance Cycling), runner-up

On racing in London: “I’m so happy; I love this race. It’s wonderful – I have no words to describe the crowds, the place and how it feels to race here.

“I finished third here last year. It was my first WorldTour podium so this race will be forever in my heart. I was second this year so I’m hoping for first place next year.

On the race: “The shorter course really suited me because I’m also a track rider.

“We are a young team so we have a lot to improve but today we were next to the biggest teams in the world so thank you to my team.”

Coryn Rivera (Team Sunweb), third place

On Team Sunweb: “The team did a great job today. Susanne [Andersen] was having a really great time in the intermediate sprints and learning from each situation but unfortunately we lost Leah Kirchmann, who is a big part of our lead out, in the final lap but we adjusted really well.

“It was really hectic in the final sprint for the line but I had a really good sprint from the right side; not enough for the win but I’m pretty content with getting on the podium. I haven’t raced for a while so I was a bit surprised.

“I think the team needed this result. It’s a step in the right direction for us and, personally, it just makes me hungry for more.”

On racing in London: “It’s a super-cool race – it’s amazing to be racing in front of Buckingham Palace. It’s cool to have these roads closed and it was buzzing with people supporting us.”

On the race: “I personally found this year’s shorter circuit had a better flow to it so I enjoyed it.

“It’s really motivating to be taking part in a race where the prize money is the same as in the men’s race.

Susanne Andersen (Team Sunweb), winner of The Continental Tyres Sprints Competition

On winning the sprints: “The team wanted to go for the intermediate sprints today, both to win it but also to practise the lead out for the final sprint because we knew it would help Coryn [Rivera] if we could find the best way to lead her out.”

On helping Rivera to third place: “I was supposed to be the sweeper in the last lead out but unfortunately Leah [Kirchmann] went down so we had to change our plans a bit.

“I was hoping to do a little bit better for Coryn, because it looked like her sprint was super strong today, but I couldn’t do the best possible job because I was already a bit tired from the intermediate sprints."

On the crash: “I dropped Coryn off and I went out to the right. I managed to dodge the crash twice but the third time I had nowhere to go. Luckily, I had managed to break quite hard before I went down but I took a tumble. It was a really big crash, involving around 20 girls. My elbow is swollen and my head hurts but we did good. I’m very happy.”

On competing in London: “It’s really special. I think it’s really impressive that you can close the roads here in London when the city is so big. It seems people like coming to events in the city; everyone was cheering and it was really cool to ride in a famous city.”    

Maelle Grossetete (FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope), SRAM Combativity Competition winner

On her win: “I won the Combativity Competition because I changed bike due to a mechanical problem, then I crashed but then I managed to come back to the bunch so I think I was rewarded for my courage in catching up.

On racing in London: “It’s my first time racing in London. It’s really cool to race in the centre with so many people watching and all the amazing landmarks on the route. It’s great for women’s cycling that the race is so well-supported.

On her team: “My team are really happy; we had a good race and we managed to avoid the crashes and I think we had three people in the top 20.”

Alice Barnes (Canyon//SRAM Racing)

On the race: “With a lap to go I was involved in a crash. I didn’t come down but when the race is so fast there was no chance of getting back to the bunch. I’m really disappointed as I was pretty motivated today but I’m lucky I wasn’t involved in the big crash just before the Finish Line.

“It’s motivating to race here thanks to the crowds, the prize pot and the TV coverage. All the best riders come here so you’re always going to be up against the best sprinters in the world.”

On racing in London: “I love racing in London because of the support from friends and family. My grandad, aunt and mum were here today. They gave me a little extra push.”