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Prudential RideLondon participants to receive more on-route support in 2018

Whether you’re the veteran of hundreds of sportives, or taking part in your first mass participation ride, we want you to have an amazing day on Sunday 29 July, so we’ve put together a variety of new ways to support Prudential RideLondon riders.

From a pre-event bicycle maintenance service, to even bigger teams of Rider Safety Captains, and a small army of experienced support drivers and mechanics, check out the various support that is on offer at this year’s events to deliver you and your bike to the Finish Line in great shape. 

Bicycle Maintenance Service

If your bike would benefit from a check-up before Prudential RideLondon, book it in for service at the Prudential RideLondon Cycling Show, where all sportive riders will register to collect their rider packs. The Show is free to enter, open to all and runs from Thursday 26 July until Saturday 28 July.  

The bicycle service, which is delivered by a team of experienced mechanics, includes checks on critical items such as gears, brakes and tyres before an overall tune-up, lube-up and wipe down. The service costs just £30 for 20 minutes.


The Start – Get Ready, Get Set….

If you forget to pump up your tyres before setting off for the Start Line in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the morning of the ride, make sure you pay a visit to one of the four Continental Tyres Air Stations on the approach to the various start areas. 

Experts from Continental Tyres, Official Safety Partner of Prudential RideLondon, will be on hand to quickly adjust your tyres to the right pressures for the riding conditions using compressed air – so you don’t have to worry whether your tyres are at the correct pressure or waste energy trying to track down a floor pump.

There are a number of other support features at the Start from Silverline Tools, including mechanics, plus toilets, medical points and independent coffee vendors. Our MC will also deliver important safety messages, weather updates and give you a great send-off as you get set to tackle the sportive. 

….Go! Continental Rider Safety Captains

The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100, 46 and 19 events are not races and you are encouraged to look out for other riders as you take on the challenge so that everyone enjoys a memorable day. A team of Continental Rider Safety Captains will set off with each wave to encourage safe and courteous riding. 

The Rider Safety Captains are experienced cyclists who have developed an array of skills and knowledge over many years. They will offer invaluable advice about gear selection, road positioning, climbing and descending. Look out for the Rider Safety Captains in their highly visible jerseys and feel free to ask them any questions you may have.

On-route Support

If you require mechanical support during the sportive, there will be 26 Silverline ‘Sweep Stops’ along the 100-mile route. The Sweep Stops offer essential information about where you are, what to do in an emergency and how to get support. Rather than pulling over at the side of the road, pull in at a Sweep Stop so that our vast support team can spot you and assist you. Just think of them as bus stops: if you wait at one then support will be along shortly.

Hubs and Drinks Stations

There are four Hubs and eight Drinks Stations on the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 route and two Hubs and four Drinks Stations on the 46-mile route. At the Hubs you will find toilets, mechanical and medical support, water, and a huge selection of CLIF nutrition, nuun hydration electrolyte tabs and everyday food. The Hubs are also a great place to stop for a rest and to meet up with friends, family and colleagues who are also doing the event. 

In between the four Hubs are Drinks Stations, where you can stop to fill up your water bottles, which is especially important in hot weather conditions. A lack of water and electrolytes and cause cramps later in the ride so it’s important to stay well hydrated as you cycle the sportive route.

Mobile Mechanics

As well as the mechanics located at the Start, the Hubs and the Finish, there will be a huge team of mobile mechanics roaming the sportive route. Their role is to help you to sort out issues like punctures and dropped chains and, if the problem is a bit more serious, get you to a Hub where our static mechanics will find it easier to fix the problem. Evans Cycles will also be deploying around 60 ‘E-team’ mobile cycle mechanics who will carry some spares and help you to keep going should your bike have an issue. 

In addition, several ‘Sweep Teams’, which are a combination of vans, minibuses and trailers, will help you to get you to a safe place should you be unable to continue. If your bike suffers a critical issue, these Sweep Teams will get you safely to the Finish, where you will be reunited with your bike.

The Big Finish

You’ve done it. There is no better feeling than crossing the Finish Line having completed the challenge, but the support doesn’t stop there. Once you have received your medal and collected your kitbag, you can store your bike at the Secure Bicycle Park in Green Park while you relax with some well-deserved food and drink. If you are cycling home, there will be mechanics located near the Bicycle Park to help you should your bike have any issues once you have finished the sportive.

There is still plenty of time to make sure your bike is ready for the big day and time to read up on all of the logistics, timings, support and event features which you will have received in your Final Instructions and which is all available on our website, so take a moment to prepare.

Have a fantastic day out.