Change your cassette

With the right tools, changing a cassette is a simple job even for the novice home mechanic...

Lockring Removal

With the wheel removed from the bike, take out the quick-release skewer and keep it safe. Now slide the lockring tool into place at the open end of the cassette, ensuring it is interlocked and engaged with the splines.

With the wheel vertical, place the chain whip on the left hand side of one of the larger sprockets so the handle is just above horizontal and the links of the chain (both the whip and the short chain attached to the handle) are engaged.

If your lockring tool doesn’t have a handle, fit a large adjustable spanner to it. Push down from above on both tools and the lockring should loosen.

Get It Off

Once the lockring has loosened, continue turning until it is completely removed. Lift off the sprockets and lay them out in order if you plan to replace them – maybe you’re just taking them off to clean them. Ensure the spacers are stored in order as well, as it’s vital they go back in the same place.

Get It On

To fit a new cassette, line up the splines with the freehub (Shimano cassettes will have one spline wider than the others) and slide the sprockets and spacers on in the correct order – check by eye that the sprockets are evenly spaced.

Once all the sprockets are fitted, check that the top gear sprocket stands slightly proud of the freehub body – if not, you have missed out a spacer or shim.

Fit the lockring using the lockring tool, and tighten until you hear or feel three or four distinct clicks.

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