Cycle storage ideas: Help your bike find its home

Inside or out, in the garage, shed or even hung above the bed - where do you keep your bike? If space is at a premium here are a few ideas to help your bike find its home, keeping it safe and avoiding damage.


Sometimes there’s no choice but to banish your loyal two-wheeled steeds to the outdoors. Luckily there are plenty of ways to keep our bikes safe.

The most obvious place to keep a bicycle is in a shed but outhouses can be tempting targets for burglars. It’s best to ensure the body of the shed is in good nick, and make sure you have a high security lock on the door.

If you’re concerned about the security of your shed or lack space, specially designed bike vaults are worth investigating. Another possibility to consider is CCTV. A camera system is a great visual deterrent to thieves, although it does take a fair bit of expertise and equipment. Alternatively, a Dummy CCTV Camera won’t provide any footage but looks the part and is easy to install.


Not everyone wants to leave their bike outside or has the luxury of a garden. Leaning it up against your living room wall however, is a recipe for scratched paintwork and domestic dismay.

Wall-mounted racks are a great way to keep bikes out of the way. Likewise a bicycle lift - which uses a cunning pulley system to winch cycles up and out of the way – does the same thing without you having to do the lifting.

For some cyclists, a bike is more than just a mode of transport: if you have a truly beautiful set of wheels you may wish to showcase it. Bicycle enthusiasts have been known to commission bespoke indoor cabinets and display cases.

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