Great road cycling shoes

When it comes to road cycling, correct choice of shoe is fundamental. Naturally, there’s the importance of the comfort factor: if you’re going to be on your bike for hours on end, you don’t want sore feet. But just as crucially, there’s the role shoes play in efficiently turning your effort into forward momentum. Pick the wrong type of shoe and you could find a lot of your pedalling input is used to flex the sole rather than spin the gear. So here’s what to look for next time you're investing in a new pair of cycling shoes...

Things to consider

Closure system

Velcro is easy and simple to use, but it doesn’t close a shoe as tightly and efficiently as a ratchet or buckle system.

Foot support

Many shoes now come with interchangeable insoles, arch supports or mouldable footbeds that really aid comfort.


Cycling shoes tend to come in European sizes (43, 44, 45, etc, rather than 8, 9 10). Even then, sizing can be a little small, so it’s a good idea to try on before you buy. Cramped toes while cycling are extraordinarily painful.

Reinforced outsoles

Outsole construction is very important for power transfer, so look for reinforced outsoles with added glass-fibre, composite material or — ideally — carbon-fibre.

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