How to dress for showers

Don’t let sudden showers catch you out and ruin a great ride. Here’s how to dress for success…

Jacket in

The most important piece of kit in your cycling wardrobe at this time of year, whether you’re out training or riding to work, is a lightweight showerproof jacket. You won’t want it all the time but the shower jacket has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and rainproof and packable are no longer mutually exclusive.

Cap it off

For tackling wet weather you can’t beat wearing an old-school casquette. Slip one of these classic cycling caps under your helmet and the peak will protect your glasses from the weather. Rain-spattered glasses are a big inconvenience, especially at night, and this is a cheap and simple solution.

Dress light

As the weather’s getting warmer (slowly) you don’t want to keep the rain out just to get wet from sweat because you’re too hot. As in summer, shorts are all you need down below (skin is waterproof after all) though you might want to wear some oversocks if your shoes are white!

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