How to store your bike

Statistics show that sales of premium bikes continue to climb year-on-year as the sport thrives.

Bikes in the £1000 and upwards range are not at all uncommon, so it is understandable that many people feel more comfortable keeping them in the house, or at least in a well-built and secure garage.

But that raises a big question – how do you keep them out of reach of thieves without them getting in the way or taking up too much room?

This is a particularly pertinent question in cities like London, where commuter cycling is rife but many people live in apartments with limited or no outdoor space.

Fortunately, manufacturers have come up with clever ways to keep bikes both safe and out of the way.

From hooks, racks and lockers, there is a solution to suit every type of space.

One innovative answer is to raise the bike off the floor, freeing up all of the ground space below.

Silverline, proud partners of this year’s Prudential RideLondon, offers the Bicycle Lift, which can be attached to the ceiling of a house or a garage. The bike is attached by the handle bars and saddle before being hoisted into the air on a pulley.

Alternatively, Silverline offers a very inexpensive Wall-Mounted Bicycle Hook which can be used to hang a bicycle vertically in a hallway or the corner of a room.  

If drilling holes into walls isn’t an option due to uncompromising landlords there are freestanding options, but these generally take up more room and are less stable.

For many, their bike is a thing of two-wheel beauty in itself, so why not have it as a statement piece in a room? Some manufacturers have incorporated stands into furniture such as book cases or even sofas. The bike sits in groves on top of the piece of furniture, offering storage space for other items below – though you’d probably want to make sure the bike is clean and dry before putting it on top of your belongings.

If outdoor storage is an option, there are many small secure containers on the market in plastic, wood and metal.

Some of these can hold multiple bikes while taking up little room – but be sure to assess the quality of the locks.

Bike theft is rife with one occurrence every 90 seconds or so – and most crimes take place in and around the victim’s home. 

Conscientious bike owners will still use a U-lock inside the container and possibly even consider installing a dummy security camera to deter thieves.

Whatever your storage dilemma, there is a solution out there. It just takes a little research.