Store your bikes

If you follow the old cycling adage x=n+1, Josh Coleman of storage specialist Bike Dock Solutions has a few tips on how to store your growing bicycle flotilla…

Safety First

If you have to store a bike outside, you need to be able to lock one or – ideally – both wheels and the frame. This is critical – if it’s just locked by a wheel, for example, the chances of the bike getting stolen increase significantly (which is why you sometimes see lone wheels still locked up). Even if you don’t have quick release skewers, professionals carry the tools to simply undo wheel bolts. Ideally, a rack with a shelter and gates is the most secure method, but this is an expensive solution if it’s just for home use.

Space oddity

If space is at a premium, try hanging your bikes from the wall. We have a product called the Wall Dock that mounts to the wall and hangs a bike efficiently by the front wheel. Multiple wall docks can be placed at staggered heights, avoiding handlebar clashes while again making the most of available space. Hanging bikes by the wheel using the wall dock is particularly useful indoors. For extra security the design can be used with a shackle lock, which will go through dock, wheel and bike.

The ideal world

If space is no object but security is all-important, the most convenient bike stand is the traditional Sheffield stand like you see on the high street. It’s quick and easy to use as you just roll up next to it and lock your bike up. They’re simple to install, available in adult and junior sizes and they’re very tough too, being made of steel – and they can be finished in stainless steel or polyurethane to shrug off the elements. Starting from around £30 (not including installation) they’re surprisingly inexpensive too.


If you store your bikes in a garage, make sure that it is as secure as possible. All entry points should have quality locks, even the walk-through entry door, which is often a weak point, and consider a garage door sensor for even greater security. In the garage, floor-based racks into which you can slot one of the wheels allow you to store several bikes side by side, while again a wall rack will allow you to hang multiple bikes from the wall to make the best use of available space.

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