The best shop-bought sandwiches

Look for these sandwiches on the shop shelf to keep the pounds at bay – or better still, make your own!

Chicken tikka

Chicken is a good lean meat to base a sandwich around, and tikka has a strong flavor from the spices so there is no need for calorific additions. Some low fat yoghurt and mint, and lettuce or other salad leaves, will make a delicious sandwich with as little as 2.1g of fat.

Ham and soft cheese

Go for low fat options here, or use cottage cheese, and make sure the bread is wholemeal. This is a tasty combo that, like the tikka and yoghurt option, doesn’t require butter to stay moist. You should be able to keep fat levels below 5g.

Turkey and ham

Two lean meats, as long as you don’t choose a fatty ham, that can be complemented with a little mustard mayo for extra flavor. If you can find a turkey and ham bagel, even better as that should keep the fat down to as little as 2.8g.

Cajun prawns

As with the chicken tikka, using Cajun prawns means this sandwich is already bursting with flavor the moment you pop them into the bread – try a flatbread with these, perhaps. You can add peppers and lettuce to pad things out and you’re looking at a tasty lunch with less than 2g of fat.

Tuna and sweetcorn

Tuna flakes with sweetcorn and some low fat mayonnaise combine to create an easy, tasty and healthy sandwich filling. Again, there is no need for butter, which saves calories, and the oily fish will help keep your heart healthy, although salmon is a better source of Omega 3 if you can stretch to it. Fat levels should be around 4-4.5g.

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