Choose the right ready meal

After a long day at work, the microwave can sometimes be your friend. But how do you keep it moderately healthy? One of the four options below should satisfy your tastbuds…



Tesco Healthy Living Chicken & Broccoli Pie, £2.50

450g; calories 396; sugar 4g; fat 7g; saturates 4g; salt 0.9g The word ‘pie’ often conjures images of dense calorie-packed pastry, but this potato-topped option comes in at 396kcal, with just 7g of fat. Add to that the fact that it’s packed with chicken and broccoli and this is a pie for champions.


Sainsbury’s Chicken Tikka Biryani, Be Good To Yourself, £3

400g; calories 316; sugar 8.0g; fat 3.6g; saturates 0.4g; salt 1.22g Half the fat but twice the sugar of the chicken and broccoli pie, this tasy meal comes in at a mere 316kcal. But that sugar comes from the vegetables, making it a pretty healthy refueling choice.


Waitrose Asian Fusion Prawn Krapow, £3.99

350g; calories 404; sugar 19.08g; fat 8.65g; saturates 0.81g; salt 1.93g There is no reason why oriental food shold be unhealthy, but your average chow mein is not on the menu at many health spas. This noodle dish is a healthy variation but with plenty of noodles, not to mention prawns steeped in a chilli and lemon grass dressing.


Morrison’s NuMe Lasagne, £2.29

400g; calories 381; sugar 10.6g; fat 11g; saturates 5.3g; salt 1.5g A dense sauce with layers is tempting on a winter’s evening and here is a lasagne you can enjoy as comfort food without any bloating. It’s biggest ingredient in tomatoes and the sauce contains plenty of British beef.

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