Easy Weight-loss Tips

If you're trying to shed a few pounds a head of your sportive, here’s are five easy steps.

Change Your Beer

Swapping pints for bottles in the pub can make a huge difference to your calorie count and your waistline – and it will also make life easier for your liver. Ten pints of five per cent premium lager per week equates to 2270 calories, but if you switch to 330ml bottles of a medium-strength beer like Corona (4.6 per cent) you’ll only ingest 1390 calories a week. That’s a saving of almost a full meal per week.

Killer Coffees

According to the latest research, the average coffee lover drinks four cups per day. A mug of instant coffee with semi-skimmed milk and one sugar contains 51 calories. Sounds innocuous enough but 28 cups a week adds up to 1428 calories. Try switching to a mug with skimmed milk and cut out the sugar. It might take a while to adapt your taste buds, but it’ll save you almost 1000 calories every week.

Friday Treat

After a hard week of working and training, it’s nice to reward yourself with a takeaway treat to usher in the weekend, but scoffing pizza isn’t necessarily the right way to do it. By swapping a medium pepperoni pizza for chicken jalfrezi with rice, you’ll save yourself more than 1000 calories a month. Spicy curries also contain less fat than pizza and contain capsaicin, which puts the hot in hot peppers and has been proven to stimulate the metabolism.

Breakfast Bulge

Everyone loves a cooked breakfast at the weekend but if you make some simple adjustments to the typical British fry-up, you can look after your health – and waistline – without compromising on taste. By grilling your bacon instead of frying it, switching a fried egg for a poached egg and going for wholemeal toast instead of fried white bread, you can knock a whopping 413 calories off the typical reading for a fry-up, which stands at 894.

Girth by Chocolate

It’s easy to reach mid afternoon and crave a sugary treat with a cuppa, and the default option for many of us is to reach for the biscuit tin or a bar of chocolate. Eating three bars a week (such as a Snickers) adds up to 888 calories. If you have the willpower to switch to an apple and a banana instead, you’ll save yourself 480 calories a week, or a massive 25,000 calories a year. Not to mention all the vitamins you’ll be taking on. Not quite so good for dunking though…