Enjoy A Full English

The great British fry-up. It’s a staple UK breakfast, but with its high fat content and lack of complex carbohydrates we all know it’s not very good for us, especially as pre-ride fuel. Despite this, we love it, but with a few tweaks, and grilling instead of frying, you can still enjoy a full English guilt-free. Registered dietitian and sports nutritionist Renee McGregor serves up a cooked breakfast that’s good for your ride…


With 8.3g of fat per 120-calorie sausage, each porker could do some serious artery clogging, but they are also high in the protein, iron and B-vitamins needed for repairing muscle damage. Venison sausages have the same calorie value as pork or beef but only 3.2g of fat. Grill, and eat just one instead of two.


Making bacon a healthier option is as simple as choosing the reduced-salt brand, trimming off the fat, and grilling instead of frying it. One rasher like this has 50 calories and 3g of fat, as well as half your RDA of vitamin B12, to help make healthy red blood cells.


Eggs are a great source of protein, for your muscles, and vitamin B6, to transport oxygen to your limbs. The average medium egg boiled or poached clocks in at 80 calories and 5g of fat; fried, the same egg is 107 calories and 8.3g of fat.

Baked beans

Keep these on your plate. They are a great source of soluble fibre, which helps keep your blood sugar levels steady and delivers sustained energy for longer.


Fried white bread has no nutritional value and a lot of fat, meaning your gut will be churning and your blood sugars fluctuating. Go for wholemeal, seeded toast instead, for complex carbohydrate to fuel your muscles.

Tomatoes and mushrooms

As two of your five-a-day, and full of immune-boosting vitamin C, there’s no need to get rid of your tomatoes and mushrooms, just grill them instead of frying them.

Bad fry-up

One fried egg, two sausages, two rashers of bacon, fried mushrooms, fried tomatoes, baked beans and two slices of fried white bread = 793 calories and 42.6g of fat.

Good grill

One poached egg, one grilled venison sausage, one grilled bacon rasher, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, baked beans, and two slices of wholemeal toast = 536 calories and 20.5g of fat.

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