Five top hydration tips

Staying hydrated during a ride is important - check out these five top tips to help you improve your training...

1) Drink!

It’s surprising how many people cycle and don’t drink enough water to replace fluids lost through sweat. Aim to drink between 500ml to 750ml before you start exercising and to sip fluids throughout your workout, to reduce fatigue and improve endurance.

Hydration tablets will help you to absorb the water you drink, rather than it passing through the body. They will also add flavour to your water, which means you’re more likely to drink an adequate amount.

2) Watch your diet

Oranges, grapes, apples and watermelon contain high volumes of liquid, which keeps you hydrated while exercising. These fruits are also full of electrolytes, which will increase your endurance and stamina.

3) Monitor your weight

One of the best ways of working out your body’s fluid balance is by monitoring your weight before and after exercise. Replace every 0.5kg lost with 500ml of water. A two to three per cent reduction in your hydration levels can impair your performance, resulting in fatigue and muscle cramps.

4) Pace yourself & listen to your body

Listen to the feedback that your body is giving you. Muscle cramp, fatigue and dizziness are indications of dehydration. Have regular rests in between your workout and drink before resuming. If you’re only just getting into exercise, pace yourself and don’t set unrealistic expectations.

5) Check the colour of your urine

By monitoring the colour of your urine, you’ll know whether your intake of water is sufficient for your body. Check our urine colour chart to see what the colour of your urine is telling you. The darker the colour, the more dehydrated you are.