Is it ok to eat Cadbury creme eggs?

Good boy

Cadbury sells 200 million of these between Christmas and Easter – because they’re delicious. As individual chocolate treats go, they’re fairly low in calories (150 per egg) and the 24g carbohydrate will give you an energy boost for your daily ride.

Bad boy

We’ve been hearing a lot about the dangers of sugar in the press of late, and there’s 20g of it in a single Creme Egg – about five teaspoons. There’s not an awful lot of nutritional value here either, and more than a third of the calories come from fat.


As with most seasonal treats, consume in moderation. Better eaten pre-ride too – if you carry them on you for a mid-ride boost they might crack...

Work it off

About 15 minutes at 15mph on your bike will burn off a single Creme Egg.

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