Post-ride fuel: Guinness

The good news

With an alcohol content of 4.2 per cent, Guinness is less boozy than most lagers and also has fewer calories per pint at 210. In 2003, University of Wisconsin researchers also found it contained antioxidant compounds that slow down the deposit of cholesterol in arteries.

The bad news

It contains just 1.9g of protein per pint, so has a negligible effect on repairing damaged muscles. A hefty 67 per cent of its calories come from alcohol and its famed iron content is a myth: a pint contains just three per cent of your recommended daily amount.

The verdict

If you must drink alcohol immediately after a ride – and goodness knows we’ve all been there – Guinness, in moderation, isn’t the worst shout.

Work it off

Half an hour riding at 16 mph will burn off a pint – but best not do it straight away.

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