Recover Right

For a quick and easy post-ride recovery drink, look no further than humble chocolate milk. This kids’ favourite is one of the best ways to refuel after a ride, according to researchers at Indiana University in the US. If you like your recovery drinks a little more high tech, we’ve put together some other great options…

For Goodness Shakes Recovery


Best-tasting on test, like supping a regular milkshake. Our favourite is the strawberry flavor, but the banana is good too – a bit like those foam banana sweets you ate as a kid. For Goodness Shakes uses a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein, which it says aids recovery through the growth and recovery of lean muscle.

Torq Recovery


Straying from the norm, Torq offers interest flavor combinations like chocolate mint, banana and mango, and strawberries and cream. And they’re nice, although they all have a slight aftertaste. Serving size is based on your body weight to tune nutrients to body mass, while the L-glutamine and D-ribose help the immune system.

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