Stay fast with fast food

No matter how good your intentions (and your willpower), there are times when a protein shake and brown rice simply won’t cut it. So what’s the least bad fast food?

Burger me

There are times when only a burger will do, and it is surprisingly easy to satisfy your beef lust without busting your gut. Burger King’s Whopper Junior has the air of a deluxe choice – but just 344kcal and 16g fat. The tomatoes, lettuce and onions that accompany the burger almost make it healthy.

Finger lickin’

KFC’s Pulled Chicken Twister is a slow-cooked variation on its Chicken Twister Wrap, and with fewer calories than the original (436kcal versus 610kcal), and less than half the fat, it will leave you feeling much less guilty.

You doner wanna

There is nothing quite like a kebab, and while some love the indeterminate meat, others rightly recoil. So, if you have been dragged to McDoner’s against your will, order a nutritious shish kebab: grilled chicken in a pitta typically comes in at 300-400 kcal and 5g fat, as opposed to a 1000 kcal doner.

Not so chippy

The once-proud national dish of fish and chips has fallen out of fashion – partly thanks to its greasy reputation. A medium battered cod and chips can hit 1200-1300kcal, with 65g of fat so why not ditch the chips and have a medium battered cod on its own (545kcal, 33g fat)? A small pot of mushy peas will add just 100kcal.

Pizza the action

This one is obvious. If you are eating a stuffed-crust pizza, you only have yourself to blame. There is no reason why a base covered in tomato sauce and mozzarella should be unhealthy. Half a Pizza Hut large stuffed crust Pepperoni Feast has 1509kcal and 75g fat; half of its large Veggie Sizzler is 680kcal and 23g fat.

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