How to get into cycling shape at the gym

It seems summer is finally here, which means that the big cycling event you signed up for in the depths of winter is looming. While it may be tempting to take off for a few hours every evening and weekend to get your training in, most of the time, this just isn’t possible. Whether it’s work or family commitments or other pressures on your time, you may find that an hour in the gym is your most convenient option during your workday.

There are many great sessions you can do in a gym environment that can supplement your cycling training, helping you increase endurance and power. Read on to find out how to make the most of your time in the gym.

How to structure your hour

10-20 minute warm up:

As mentioned in a previous article, warming up has many benefits – it can improve reaction times, boost speed and power and even prevent injury. If you’re stuck on what to do during your warm up, take a look at Wattbike’s recommended warm ups.

40-50 minute Wattbike session:

The Wattbike offers time-efficient training, so a session that takes an hour on the road can be done in 30 minutes on the Wattbike, as it offers a more intense workout. The RideLondon-Surrey 100 training plan has tons of Wattbike sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, so you’re sure to find a suitable session no matter how long you have in the gym.

What equipment should you use?

The Wattbike

Wattbikes can be found in many gyms up and down the country. If your local gym has a Wattbike, hop on and complete the relevant week of the RideLondon-Surrey 100 training plan.

The real ride feel of the Wattbike means you’ll hardly notice you’re not out on your road bike, but to really get in the zone you can link up to virtual training videos like The Sufferfest or even re-watch your favourite stage of the Tour De France!

When the Wattbike is busy, try HIIT

What if you get to the gym and find all the Wattbikes are busy? Rather than wasting your hour, try some high intensity interval training as research has found that HIIT sessions can improve cycling performance.

What about indoor cycling classes?

Traditionally, indoor cycling classes have been about bright lights and pumping beats, but now, new classes are starting to emerge – classes where real training is at the forefront and where riders train in individual zones and improve their technique. These classes can usually be slotted into your lunch hour but you’ll be training effectively and making performance gains.

Take a look at Wattbike’s favourite indoor studios or find a studio near you with Wattbike finder.

Now you know how to structure your hour and which sessions will deliver an improvement in performance, head to your local gym and start your session. If you’re wondering where the nearest Wattbike equipped gym is, take a look at the Wattbike finder.