Look after your skin

Your skin takes a beating when you’re out on the road, so skincare expert James Gillespie of has put together some simple ways for you to protect it.


Some people can sweat up to four litres per hour, so getting hydration and moisture into your skin as soon as possible after exercise is key. Moisturising is important – look out for products containing pentavin, which is a naturally derived plant extract that matches the skin’s carbohydrate building block complex.

Sweat and bacterial irritation

Sweat can be more acidic than the natural pH of your skin, so after hard rides skin is liable to become irritated or inflamed. And when was your helmet strap and padding last washed or replaced? These areas become a hive for bacteria and sources of redness or pimples, so wash as soon as possible after your ride.

Premature ageing

Use sunscreen that provides broad spectrum (UVA1, UVA2 and UVB) protection regularly, but the skin is still at risk of cancers and premature ageing. Taurine in skincare products aids new skin cell turnover and neutralises free radicals that cause premature ageing.

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