Stay safe in the sun

Tan lines are cool, red-raw sunburn is most certainly not… here’s how to stay safe next time you’re riding in the sun

Cover up

You’re going to be better off wearing a proper cycling jersey that covers your neck and shoulders than a sleeveless tri-suit, which will expose these areas – you’ll look better too. And if you’re going to wear an ultra-light mesh jersey, think about how much protection that’s really going to give you. 

Slap on the sun cream

Cover every area of exposed skin with a sweat-resistant high-factor sun cream. Don’t skimp by using low-factor stuff to get a tan – if you’re out there for hours you’ll become tanned anyway. Think about where your jersey is only made of mesh and apply sun cream to those areas too – and if you’re likely to unzip your jersey on the ride, make sure you’ve protected those areas too. 

Hat Trick

A lightweight casquette beneath your helmet also offers protection. The problem with putting sun cream on your forehead is that when you sweat it will seep through even the more luxuriant of eyebrows and into your eyes – where it will sting like mad. A cycling cap, with the peak down, can protect you and help you to feel and look cool. 

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