Use your medicine cabinet… legally!


If you’ve got a little one in the house then you’ll almost certainly have a pot of Sudocrem knocking around to deal with nappy rash. With its antiseptic properties it also makes for a useful chamois cream replacement, with mild antiseptic qualities and a water-repellent base that helps to create a frictionless seal.

Tea time

Tea tree oil has many uses, one of which can cross over into your cycling life. If you are being held back in your riding by a sinus infection of congestion, try a few drops of tea tree oil in a bowl of boiling water. Stick your head over the bowl and cover with a towel to keep the fumes in. You should find that your airways open up. Tea tree oil is also a good antiseptic for treating road rash.

A dose of salts

We all know it’s important to keep hydrated when riding, and to ensure your fluid levels are well topped up before you head out, but if you do get caught out then some rehydration tablets (which you probably have tucked away somewhere for vomiting/diarrhea emergencies) can get your levels of minerals and fluids back up to normal.

Chafe from harm

Another staple of the medicine cabinet of anyone with infants is Metanium. Like Sudocrem, it’s used to treat nappy rash but we cyclists can appropriate it for ourselves. If you suffer from chafing, rub some Metanium on the affected area to clear things up swiftly.

Pick me up

Most of us love a caffeine hit before a ride. If you know you’re going to be riding somewhere you won’t be able to enjoy your usual coffee fix, then an alternative way to get the energy boost – if not the delicious taste – is to take a caffeine product such as ProPlus – friend of cramming students everywhere…

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