Arrive in style

Before you even turn a pedal, getting to an event can stress you out – but not if you follow our event-day car strategy

Plan it and rock

If you’ve organised your ride meticulously then you shouldn’t allow your travel plans to let you down. Check your expected journey time online and allow a bit more time; you’ll often be on the road early – when there’s likely to be very little traffic – but it doesn’t take much to throw you off if you don’t have much leeway. Arrive in good time and you can prepare and warm up for the ride at your own pace. 

Pack it crisp

It’s usually worth packing your kit the night before, and if you ride events regularly then think about writing out a list of everything you’ll need so you can tick each item off as you go. It’ll give you peace of mind on the morning of the event to see everything ticked off and to know that all you need is in your bag. 

Drive time

Long miles on the motorway can be very boring so try to listen to the radio, and audiobook or some music to keep your brain switched on. You want to arrive alert at the start of your ride, not half asleep. Avoid too much talk radio though if listening to phone-ins tends to raise your stress levels. 

Fuel for the road

Make sure you pack a drink and some good food for the journey, especially if the event is some distance away. Don’t be tempted to stop at a garage to see what you can find as it usually means making the best of a bad job. Instead, mix up an energy and electrolyte drink to keep you well hydrated, and pop an energy bar within easy reach so you’ll have something to nibble on during the journey. 

Stop and stretch

While you shouldn’t depend on a petrol station for your pre-ride fuelling, if you have a journey that can be measured in hours then it’s worth pulling over to stretch your legs. Driving isn’t the ideal preparation for cycling.

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