Be Prepared to Finish

A lot can happen to you and your bike when you’re putting in plenty of miles. So when you’re training to prepare for a big ride or race, it's important to be prepared with the right equipment every time you head out. We asked our friends at Lezyne to put together a checklist of essentials you should always carry to ensure you reach the end of every ride….

Your Checklist

1) A quality high-pressure pump fitted to the frame with a dedicated bracket.

Tip: check how many pumps it takes to get your tyre back to the correct pressure, then write this number on the side of the pump and count them out if you need the pump in the event.

2) Two spare inner tubes. Make sure they’re the correct ones for your bike! 

3) Two good quality tyre levers.
Tip: practise using them before the event to make sure you don't pinch the inner tube when re-fitting the tyres. 

4) Patch kit. If you’re unfortunate enough to pick up multiple punctures you will need a self-stick patch kit as a back-up.
Tip: use the kit's ‘scuffer’ to clean the tube before applying the patch.

5) CO2 inflator to make tube re-inflation fast and easy.
Tip: practise using one before the event and check that one 16g canister can get your tyre to the correct pressure. Carry two CO2 canisters if not. Your pump is the back up.

6) Lightweight multi-tool with chain tool included. It’s useful to be able to adjust your bike or fix your chain on the ride.
Tip: a ‘quick link’ chain link is an easy way to fix a broken chain but you still need the chain tool to punch out the old pin from the chain. 
7) Seat pack to carry all of the above with the pump fitted to your frame.
Tip: your jersey pockets are best used for food and clothing. Keep the heavy items on the bike.

8) Two bottle cages and 750ml bottles. Hydration is key.
Tip: make sure you carry plenty of fluids and drink even if you are not thirsty.

Lezyne make beautifully engineered tools, pumps and CO2 systems to get you back on the road quickly should you have a problem.

Lezyne products are available from Prudential RideLondon's retail partner Evans Cycles.