Become an advanced cyclist

Become an advanced cyclist

Pole position

A key skill we can help cyclists develop is around vision. Looking in the right places to make urban cycling safer – and that’s most pertinent these days around HGVs. You should aim to be predictable, and be where a car would be. Get into a position on your bike when you can see the wing mirrors of the lorry – even if that means holding back some distance. If you can see them in the mirrors then they’re able to see you – in theory at least.

Make your move

Knowing when to use the cycling infrastructure – and when to ignore it – is vital. Motorists emerging from minor roads and looking right often fail to spot cyclists – pedestrians and street furniture can block the view. Adjust your position, leave the cycle path and ride closer to the centre line when passing side roads. Take up more prominent positions on dangerous country roads too whenever possible to see further into the distance beyond bends.

Learn your lines

We use the National Cycling Training Standards as our template but don’t set strict rules on how to perform rules – each cyclist and circumstance is different. One thing you can easily do is practice riding in a straight line. It’s not as simple as it sounds, but riding along a straight white or yellow line t a safe, quiet spot helps you master balance and control. Slow down to a crawl and practice moves such as looking behind you and signalling while staying on that line.

Spot the dangers

Making other road users see you is a key part of advanced training – standing up on the pedals through car parks and busy traffic situations, using your voice in instances too. Predicting the actions of others is crucial. When approaching parked cars being vigilant for occupants who may open the door, again changing your position to anticipate this, but also look ahead for oncoming vehicles and aim to make eye contact with drivers of vehicles around you.

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