Boost Your Cycling Self-Esteem

So what if your mates are faster/stronger/better than you? You’re still a brilliant cyclist. Read on for an instant ego massage…

Choose your buddies

If you tend to get spat out the back of club rides, it’s easy to become disheartened about your riding abilities. Remind yourself that these people are way above average and that being a few rotations behind them is nothing to be ashamed of. Ask colleagues or friends who have recently bought a bike or signed up to a cycle to work scheme if they fancy a ride. You’ll probably be a bit stronger than them, which will remind you how far you’ve come since you first started cycling. And make yourself feel even better by helping them to improve

Dear diary

If you don’t already do it, then make sure that you keep a dairy of your stats, distances and ride times. By doing this you can see exactly where your strengths lie and notice improvements over time. You can also see cumulative figures, such as the number of sportives you’ve nailed in a year, how many minutes you’ve shaved off your PB and your total monthly or yearly mileage. We’re sure you’ll build up some nice hefty numbers to be proud of.

Online pride

A good way to track your cycling, as well as seeing how you compare to other riders, is to log your rides and progress on websites and share your info with other cyclists. You can easily do this in chat rooms like those on or on websites such as or

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