Build leg strength at lunch

Jonathan Lewis, trainer and physio with London’s, reveals some quick exercises to boost your muscles during your lunch break…

Go squat desking: yoga squats help glutes, hamstrings and thighs

Do it Stand with your feet apart, then fold through your hips and knees as deep as you can, heels flat on the floor in the squat position, keep your feet parallel, but open them up if you can’t go deep. At the deepest position, place your fingertips on the floor, drop the top of your head and raise your hips as far as possible without your fingers leaving the ground. Then reverse back to the deep squat, drop your hips to the ground, and lift your head.

Climb to the top: mountain climber sprints are great for trunk strength and control

Do it Get into a push-up position. Bring the right knee in towards the chest, keeping the foot off the floor. Run/sprint in place so that you alternately bring one knee up powerfully beneath you while the opposite foot springs backwards. Your spine should be strong and long, your head should not hang between your arms, and your hips should be level or lower than your shoulders. Alternate your feet at a pace to complete, 60, 40 and then 20-second sets.

Table a meeting: not only will this move work leg muscles, it will also strengthen your hips, trunk and back

Do it Sit on the floor in an ‘M’ shape, with your knees bent and your feet flat, arms behind you and palms flat on the floor, looking forward. Thrust your hips up, push through your palms and gaze skywards. You should be making a ‘table’ shape – four straight legs and a flat table top, without over-arching the lower back. Ensure that your ribcage and pelvis stay connected at your front.

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