Clever Commuting

Andreas Kambanis, from, asked the people of London for their crease-free commuting tips. Here are four of the best suggestions…

Flat pack

To keep a shirt crease-free, fold it around a padded clipboard. Lie the shirt flat, face down on a table, place the clipboard on top, in line with the collar, then fold the sides in first before folding up the bottom. Put the whole thing into a plastic bag to stop rain or mud ruining your work look.

Hot under the collar

Keep a travel steamer at the office – it’s more portable than an iron, which would be problematic if you don’t have room for a board. With a steamer, you can just hang your suit in the loos and give it the once over. Make sure that using one isn’t contravening any health and safety regulations. If it is, hanging up your suit in the shower (obviously not where it’ll get wet!) is an effective way of easing out the wrinkles.

Transport solution

Numerous products claim to minimise creasing, and one of these is the Shirtshuttle – a hardcase with an inner panel to fold your shirt around; Eagle Creek is soft but works to the same principle. Or, for the ultimate suit-to-work transportation solution, you have the Slicks SUIT25. It comes complete with a suit holder and hanger, and features compartments for a folded shirt and laptop, so you’ll never end up with a mashed up collar and cuffs again! See shirtshuttle, and for more details.

Get organised

If crease-free folding all seems a bit faffy for you, why don’t you opt for the organised approach instead? Every Friday, leave your bike at home and take a week’s worth of clean, ironed shirts to work on the bus/train/tube. Then you can pop out for a drink after work without having to risk a rather tipsy ride home!

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