Up the Creak?

The Headset

A knocking or rattling noise at the front of your bike could well be caused by a loose headset. Remove the cups and crown race, grease and repress. If the bearing is dry, replace with a new bearing and grease.

The Cockpit

If you’re hearing a creak when turning or operating the levers, check the tightness of the lever clamps. Grease corroded cable outer ferrules at the frame stops, and check for cable outers knocking against one another.

The Wheels

Rattling noises could be as simple as the nut from the Presta valve having worked itself loose; it so, tighten it or discard it altogether. More serious causes are things like loose spokes, cracked rims and loose eyelets – so check for these. Tighten loose rims and true the wheel, replacing any cracked rims immediately. Check and service the hub bearings if necessary. A small amount of heavy oil on spoke crossings may help on aluminium wheels, as may greasing the skewer.

The Pedals

Clicking from your pedals can have a few causes, but you can usually silence them by greasing the pedal threads and lubing the pedal springs and cleat plates.

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