Find Time to Train

Sticking to a training schedule can be a big ask when you have a million other things to accomplish on a daily basis, but there are a variety of ways to create more opportunities to train. Forget the age-old excuse that you just don’t have time: these five time-saving tips will create space in your day. Here’s how…

Commute to work

Cycling to work is a brilliant use of your precious time. If you have a long commute, the miles you spend on your bike will prepare you for time spent in the saddle in your next sportive, while a short commute is a great opportunity to power up some hills, work on your pedaling technique or punch out some short intervals. Whatever you do on your cycle commute, it’s bound to be way more constructive than being squashed into a packed train.

Switch off

According to a study from the TV marketing body Thinkbox, the British public watch on average four hours and 18 minutes of TV a day. That adds up to a whopping 30 hours a week. Cutting this viewing time in half would free up 15 hours a week for riding. Or why not get the turbo out and multi-task your way through your favourite shows? Investing in a TV recorder will also save you time by cutting out the 48 adverts included in that four hours and 18 minutes.

Free lunch

If you grab a sandwich from Frank’s caff at lunchtime and eat it hunched over your desk, it’s time to change. Your lunch hour is the perfect time to fit in a short interval session, visit the gym or focus on building your core strength – check out our top 10 core conditioning moves.

Social not-working

Social media can be extremely addictive, so addictive in fact that we spend on average 75 minutes of every day on Facebook. That’s eight hours and 45 minutes on Facebook a week. While it is a great place for spying on exes and discovering that, as suspected, some people really did peak at school, not spending this time looking through your best friend’s old flatmate’s honeymoon pictures means you could save enough time to ride the long way home from work, or even do a sportive at the weekend.

Virtual shopping

Britons spend on average five hours and 35 minutes queuing a month. We wait in line for buses, trains and for drinks at the bar. Ditching the bus and cycling to work means you already cut some of the queuing time, but doing your weekly shop online cuts the biggest timewaster of all: supermarket queues. You can shop online while watching TV and double up on your time saving. Plus, by shopping online you aren’t tempted by the yummy treats you walk past – making it a better option for your wallet and your waistline too.

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