How to master the track stand (and why)

Fake it

Mastering the track stand is about more than looking cool at traffic lights. It helps to improve bike control and gives you a better feel for your steed, making you safer. Before giving this a go on city streets, practise on a kerb outside your home. Roll up alongside the pavement and turn your front wheel, letting it rest against the kerb. Put your front brake on to steady yourself. You are now in a fake track stand position – perfect for practising before you try it for real.

Best foot forward

In this position you should be able to feel which foot wants to take the lead. This leg should be forward, your pedals roughly level. If it feels uncomfortable, turn the bike around so the other side is resting against the kerb and try the other leg. You’ll know which feels dominant.

Get real

Once you’ve had a go with the safety of the kerb, it’s time to go it alone. Get into your fake track stand position, then standing up in the saddle with your weight forward, your lead foot kerb side and pedals level, lean away from the kerb letting your bike roll out. When it is a few inches away, readjust your weight so that you are steady again. Get used to rocking in and out of the kerb. Eventually you’ll have it mastered and you’ll be track standing like a pro!

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