Take Bends Faster

Avoid losing time, and potentially skin, by improving your approach to cornering


Know your curve

Planning is key to getting safely and quickly through corners, so look up. Pay particular attention to the exit point of the corner, and if you can’t see it then exercise caution; riding too fast into a corner that unexpectedly tightens is a recipe for trouble…and on the open road you can’t see what’s coming.

Adjust your speed

Once you’ve got a sense of the corner, adjust your speed accordingly. Don’t wait until you’re turning to brake, as you will risk locking up a wheel and, even if you don’t, you will risk losing more speed and finding it harder to get going, if you think you will need to brake, brake early!

Eyes on the exit

As you travel through the bend, keep your eyes on your exit. This helps you to maintain balance to steer naturally in the right direction. Avoid any sharp, jerky motion. If you’re not in a group, take as much of a racing line as the situation allows, meaning enter wide, hit the apex and exit wide: never cross the white line on open roads, and exercise caution on blind corners and single track roads if you can’t see what’s coming.

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