Train with power

As the Official Indoor Bike of Prudential RideLondon, Wattbike aims to get you to the start line of your next big cycling challenge in the best shape possible so you can really enjoy and excel on the big day. Wattbike will bring you training tips, some specific sessions to try and advice based on its extensive sportive riding.

We're often asked, “What's so special about the Wattbike, why will it help me to ride faster?” The answer to that question is based around training with power – something elite athletes have been doing for many years.

If family and work commitments mean you don't have much time to train for a big event like the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100, then training with power is by far the most efficient and effective way to train. And with the Wattbike you can train this way with ease at home or in your local gym.

Effective and efficient training is all about measuring the duration and intensity of your efforts. Duration is simply how long you are training for but with intensity it can be a little more complicated.

Traditionally many cyclists have used heart rate as a measurement of intensity but there are many variables affecting heart rate before you've even turned a pedal. If it's very hot or cold, you're tired, or perhaps carrying a cold or virus, you'll find that your heart rate will be different than if you trained under normal conditions.

The beauty of power is that it measures the pure intensity of your effort. When you’re on a Wattbike, power is measured by the force you apply to the pedals. This force measurement is then converted into watts, which opens up a new world of training with power.

The ideal scenario is to train with both power and heart rate so that you have real-time indicators of the intensity of your effort but you can also assess your body’s response via your heart rate.

So the key variables to measure for every training session are:

  • Power (mechanical intensity)
  • Heart Rate (physiological intensity)
  • Cadence (leg speed)
  • Muscle activation (pedalling technique)

Training on a Wattbike provides a unique opportunity to train with live, scientifically accurate data, which will bring significant improvements to cyclists of all abilities.

In our next Wattbike feature we'll take a look at how you can set your personalised training zones, which will ensure every pedal revolution of your training is effective. In the meantime, find out more about how to train more effectively at