Train smart with Wattbike's personalised training zones

Whether you are planning to complete the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 or another challenging sportive this year, you’re probably wondering how you’ll juggle a full-time job, family commitments and other pressures on your time. It is essential when taking on any cycling challenge to prepare with the correct training, although effective training doesn’t have to mean long hours out on the road and away from your family – it just means training smart.

The Wattbike secret to effective training features a combination of heart rate, cadence and power. You can follow this approach by undertaking a structured training plan.

To get your training off to a flying start, our friends at Wattbike recommend completing a three-minute test, the test will not be easy but it will be empowering. What’s more, the Wattbike monitor will interpret your data and set personalised training zones, which allows you to work at the exact intensity that’s correct for your physiology, meaning that every single pedal revolution counts towards achieving your goal.

The initial test to set your training zones is just the start. To continue to train effectively, you must ensure you are tracking your progress by undertaking the three-minute test at regular intervals as your cycling challenge approaches.

Some cyclists also prefer to use a percentage of Functional Threshold Power (FTP) to calculate their training zones. To give a true measure of FTP ride a full 60-minute sustained power workout. Alternatively, FTP can be established using 75 per cent of Maximum Minute Power or 95 per cent of a sustained 20-minute power workout. Find out more at

Training Zone Purpose %MHR %MMP %FTP
Recovery Regeneration and recovery Less than 60 Less than 35 Less than 45
1. Basic Establish base endurance 60-75 35-45 45-60
2. Basic Improve efficiency 65-75 45-55 60-75
3. Intensive Improve sustainable power 75-85 55-65 75-85
4. Intensive Push threshold up 85-89 65-75 85-100
5. Maximal Sustain a high
% of maximal
aerobic power
89-94 75-80 100-105
6. Maximal Increase maximum power output Greater than 94 80-100 105-130
Supra-maximal Increase sprint
power output
Not applicable Greater than 100 Greater than 130


Establishing your training zones is an important step in creating a structured training plan which delivers time efficient and effective training, enabling you to achieve your goals for the year. Want to know more about Wattbike? Visit or take a look at our new video where Wattbike users explain why they love the Wattbike.