Week 1


This session is an optional steady 45 minute endurance ride. Try to maintain a constant effort somewhere between 3/10 to 6/10 RPE, or power zones 2 to 3.

This session begins with a 10 minute warm up starting at an easy pace but getting gradually harder. Include 3 x 6 second bursts of riding at a high cadence with low resistance to help get the blood flowing.

After the warm up, a short 5 minute interval at 8/10 (Zone 4) should prepare you for the longer efforts to come.

Rest for 5 minutes then start 2 x 10 minute efforts at 7/10 RPE (Power zone 3-4) with 5 mins rest in between. Cool down for 5 mins afterwards.


Rest Day. If you feel like training then feel free to go for a ride or do some cross-training, but keep it nice and easy.

Today is a test of your fitness. From this you will be able to calculate the maximum effort you can do for one hour. We will be repeating this test a few times throughout the plan to track your progress.You will be scored on the final 20 minute segment.

Start with a 5 minute warm up to ‘open up’ the legs by steadily increasing the intensity from 1/10 to 4/10 RPE, or power zone 1 to 2.

Then complete two ‘ramps’. Start at 7/10 RPE, or zone 4, for 20 seconds, increase to 8/10 RPE, or zone 5, for 20 seconds, and finish the ramp with 20 seconds at 10/10, or zone 6. The second ramp follows immediately and starts with 3 minutes at 3/10 RPE, or zone 2, increases to 8/10, or zone 5, for 3 minutes, and finishes at 9/10, or high zone 5, for 2 minutes.

To clear the legs in preparation for your test, ride for 6 minutes at 2/10 RPE, or high zone 1.

After a short rest it’s time to give it your all and go as hard as you can for 20 solid minutes. Pace yourself and try to go as hard as you can sustain for the entire 20 minutes.

Cool down at 1/10 - 2/10 RPE, or zone 1, for 5 minutes.


Interval blocks are great for improving your fitness. Begin with a warm up by riding for 2 minutes at 2/10 (zone 1) followed by two 1 minute intervals at 7/10 (zone 4), followed by 1 minute recovery at 2/10 (zone 1), then two 1 minute intervals at 8/10 (zone 5) followed by 1 minutes rest.

Now move on to fifteen, 3 minute, 5/10 (zone 3) intervals with a 10 second surge at the end of each one. Finish with a cool down from 4/10 to 2/10 (zone 2 to 1) for 5 minutes.

Today’s session has eight 1 minute intervals at high intensity (10/10 or zone 6) with rests between, followed by 25 minute steady effort at a moderate intensity (4/10 or zone 2).

Warm up from 2/10 to 4/10 (zone 1 to 2) for 10 minutes and include 3 x 6 second high cadence/low power sprints. Now to start your eight 1 minute intervals at 10/10 (zone 6) with 1 minute 15 second rests between each at 2/10 (zone 1). Finish with a steady state effort at 5/10 (zone 3) for 25 minutes. Cool down from 4/10 to 2/10 (zone 2 to 1) for 5 minutes.