Clever Cycling

Stay on top of your training with these cycling tips…

  • Record everything you do when training, noting down the effects. These records will prove to be very useful when planning later schedules and will be invaluable as background information for anyone involved in arranging a future coaching/training plan specifically for you.
  • Keep to your training schedule for the best results, but if illness prevents this, don’t be tempted to miss out sections so as to keep to the dates of the programme. Once you are well enough to resume, go back to the point where you had to stop.
  • Before any event, study and take a note of the route before you set out. It is not unknown for direction signs to have been removed. Even the best modern instruments can fail, or even suggest the wrong way. Don’t rely on following other riders – they may be lost too. There is even the chance that the cyclists you are following are not riding in the same event.