The Fuel to Rule

Three top tips for refuelling on your rides…

  • Get used to carrying a bottle of fresh drink on all rides. Discard unused liquid, especially if using proprietary sports drinks. Choose bottles made from soft plastic, as these are much easier to squeeze when riding. Practise drinking while ‘on the move’ without wobbling or slowing down during training rides.
  • Take time to check out energy and replenishment food and drink at home, so you can find out whether it agrees with you. Then try it on your training rides to make sure it agrees with you and that you are not going to encounter any problems on the important rides and later stages of your programme. A cereal bar that is very tasty at home may prove very difficult to consume on a ride, even causing choking. Once you have decided on the right food for you, stick to it. If confronted with unknown drinks, it is probably as well to stick to water.
  • Wash and sterilise your drinking bottles after use, particularly after using with active replenishing drinks. It is worth looking for bottles with a cap to cover the spout, although this will make drinking en route a little more awkward. This helps to keep the spout protected from road grime and other unpleasant substances that transfer from the road to cycle, such as manure!