More Training Plans

Whether you’re a seasoned sportive rider, or new to cycling, we have the training plan for you...

If you're taking on a big ride, you're probably keen to get some training miles in. To help you reach the finish line of your next sportive, whether that's the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 or another event, top British cycling coach Andy Cook ( has put together three training plans that will get you ride-ready in 12 weeks.

The first of the three plans is for riders taking their first pedal strokes into sportive riding.

Second, while there are no shortcuts to long-ride success, we realise that not everyone has endless reserves of time, so our intermediate plan is for time-pressed cyclists.

Finally, our expert plan is for experienced riders.

These plans aren’t just for sportives, though – they’ll also help you build fitness for any big ride, whether that’s completing a charity event like cycling from London to Paris or just day rides with friends or family. Get fit and you’ll enjoy the experience all the more.

We’ve divided the training plans into three four-week chunks, so after completing the first and then the second month of training, you’re ready to move up a level. Before you get stuck into the plans, though, have a read through the tips on the following pages.

By the start of week nine event day is closing in fast. You should now be two-thirds of the way towards peak fitness and it’s time to really push yourself, and then taper off – so you end up trained for, but also rested, ahead of the big day. Happy training!

Download the Training Plans Here:

Weeks 1-4
Weeks 5-8
Weeks 9-12
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